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From the Back Cover

Despite your efforts to create the work-life balance you imagined before kids, are you feeling like juggling all the things in not achievable? What if you had tips, tools, and ideas from working moms that help you make changes that have an impact? What if you could be more efficient with the things you must do so that you have more time to do what you want to do?Suzanne Brown shares her own experience and thoughts combined with detailed research and tips, insights, and advice from more than 100 other professional working moms to:

  • empower you to create the work-life balance that fits your situation
  • give you ideas that you can quickly implement or adjust to fit your situation

After reading this book, you’ll be able to quickly implement some ideas to help you with your work-life balance, think through mindset shift, be more intentional with your time, and create more of the support structure you need at work at at home. 

Product Description

The Mompowerment Guide to Work-life Balance: Insights from Working Moms on Balancing Career and Family is a 3-time award-winner: a Reader’s Favorite Honorable Mention in the Non-fiction Women’s category, a Book Excellence Awards Finalist in the Career category, and a Best Book award finalist in the Business: Careers category. This book is the second book from award-winning author Suzanne Brown.

You had a picture in your mind of what work-life balance would look like before you had kids, but real life as a working mom is not quite what you imagined.

You have worked so hard on your career or business, and you want to continue to excel professionally. You also want time to be the mom you want to be. Is that too much to ask?

Work-life balance for working moms is doable. It doesn’t just happen, though. It takes strategic and consistent action and allies at work and at home. It takes consistently adjusting to make it work a little bit better for your situation as life changes over time as a working mom.

In The Mompowerment Guide to Work-life Balance, Suzanne Brown shares her own experience and extensive research as well as tips, insights, and advice from interviews with more than 110 professional working moms like you. You learn from working moms who have been in your shoes and who have shifted from juggling it all to managing the things that truly matter to them at work and home.

You’ll get practical tips for different aspects of work-life balance that help you shift your mindset and take intentional action:

  • Work smarter to be more efficient and effective with your time at work and home
  • Define and maintain boundaries at work and home
  • Divide household and childcare duties with your significant other
  • Network strategically to connect with the right people for your needs
  • Find time for self-care so you can be at your best in all areas of your life

Whether you’re a new mom or you’ve been at it for a while, after reading this book, you’ll have practical tips and ideas that you can implement or adjust to fit your needs. The idea is to create a personal version of balance based on what you need. You want your version of having it all, whatever all is. This book will help you overcome the overwhelm, so you feel empowered to create the work-life balance you crave.


“Suzanne Brown provides helpful concrete suggestions and exercises to help moms increase productivity and make positive changes in our lives. This is not a one size fits all approach. Definitely a must-read for anyone trying to balance career and family.”
– Jennifer Moore, COO of

“As a working mom with two kids in a world of technology with access to almost anything at my fingertips; the search for work/life balance can feel endless.  Suzanne’s book provides ideas and tips that feel doable for even the busiest of moms.”
– Alissa Carpenter, Millennial workforce and leadership development expert

“Suzanne Brown is brilliantly navigating working women through this pursuit of ‘having it all!’ Through raw, heartwarming stories of topics such as juggling our kids, family life with work, managing family dynamics, and business travel, she shares golden nuggets of actionable wisdom.”
– Winnie Sun, founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners


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