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Our advanced, most versatile balance board. Designed to allow maximum freedom for any kind of trick, there are no roller stops or tracks to limit your creativity. The Core 32 is inspired by boardsports such as skateboarding, skimboarding, wakeskating and features super heavy duty construction on both the board and the roller. Go ahead – put your skills to the test and have fun doing it!

The Revbalance Core 32 Advanced Balance Board


– Bombproof Construction: The Core 32 Board and roller are designed to take on even the biggest tricks you can think of. Big ollies, giant kickflips? No problem. Made In The USA for riders, by riders.

– Full Freedom: With the Core 32 there are no tracks or grooves between the board and the roller. Basically, no gimmicks here – only you and your skills. Concave on the board keeps your feet locked in and also improves your heel-toe balance skills at the same time.

– Roll Control: The Core 32 roller has trick up its own sleeve, a feature that keeps the roller from rolling away from you as you perform and land that new trick. During normal use the roller just works exactly the way you think it would.


Boardsports are all about balance. Carving up the slopes, shredding the waves, or landing that huge ollie down the stair set. None of these things can go down without good balance and body control.

Using and practicing with the Core 32 can drastically improve your balance recovery and overall body control for boardsports like skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeskating, skimboarding and more. Not only that, its a blast to use anytime, anywhere.

Landing tricks on the Core 32 is a challenge, but we think you are up to the task!

MADE FOR BIG TRICKS >> The Core 32 Balance board was designed to give you maximum freedom to pull off tricks like ollies, shuvits, kickflips and more. No tracks, no grooves, no gimmicks.
ROCK SOLID CONSTRUCTION >> Not just any deck, the Core 32 is built to take a hit and handle anything you can throw at it. This includes the high strength composite roller and board built like a tank. A lightweight, high speed, tank. MADE IN THE USA.
BOOST YOUR SKILLS >> The Core 32 is not only a blast to use, it improves your overall balance and body control as you use it. This translates to real improvements with your riding in other sports, including heel/toe balance for edging.
PRACTICE YEAR ROUND >> Can’t make it to the park…or the mountain…or bad weather? No problem – the Core 32 can hold you over. And then some.


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