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Video Launch Method - How to Launch Your Product Through A Series Of Videos

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Video is a powerful medium for communicating brand, business and product information. Video captures your audience’s engagement, heightens their interest and gets them looking deeper at your product.

Video product launches are the go-to for the world’s best brands.

This guide reveals the best techniques used in successful product launch videos. With these techniques, you will not only gain a vital understanding of running effective video launches, you will also elevate your brand’s position and increase your brand’s awareness.

It contains all the necessary information that you’ll need to plan your product launch with all the best strategies and execute it to perfection.

The course has been split into 9 easily navigated sections and each provides highly effective and actionable instructions on how to video launch your product. With the power of video and the know-how on video launches, you can take your product launch to a new level!


Topics covered:

Video #1:  Introduction to Product Pre-Launching with Videos
In this video, we'll introduce you to product launches and an overview of this video series.  See...understanding what you will be learning and how this system comes together will help you speed things up.

Video #2:  Planning Your Pre-Launch
This video covers a first step and an important step to product launches.  Without the proper planning, your launch will fail.  When I say "fail", I mean it won’t reach its full potential in impact, whether that may be how many people you are able to help and at the end of the day, profits.  So, in this video, you’ll learn what it takes to plan a launch correctly, and the different phases of a product launch.

Video #3:  Prelaunch - What Needs To Be Done
Imagine this.  You launch your product.  You’re all excited...and then nothing happens.  This is typically what happens when the prelaunch is not done correctly or not done at all. Creating the necessary buzz around your main product launch is key.

Video #4:  The # Step Video Blueprint
You’ve likely seen how big product launches use certain amount of videos to pre-launch their product. There’s a certain amount of elements that you need to cover in each one of these videos in order to correctly pre-launch your product. The main benefit of using these videos is that they’re not just for your pre-launch, however, you can also continue to use them after your product has been launched to convert prospects into buyers.
Video #5:  Blueprint Video 1
Now is the time to learn what exactly the first and most important video will include.  Believe you’re not getting anywhere, because if you get this one wrong, then the rest of your videos may not be seen. So, first impressions are everything.  As you can imagine, getting them extremely excited and pumped up is crucial to this video.

Video #6:  Blueprint Video 2
Once you’ve made some great first impressions, it’s time to reel them in further and get them more excited.  Without giving the blueprint away, this video will help your prospects to continue being interested in what you have to offer.

Video #7:  Blueprint Video 3
This video will review your product in such a way that it doesn’t seem like you are selling.   You never ever want to appear like you were selling to someone, because that will throw them off or worse, it’ll get them on guard. I will show you how that looks like in this video.

Video #8:  Blueprint Video 4
Last but not the least, we have the final video and as you can imagine, the goal is to close the deal. Get people to buy is the purpose of this video.

Video #9 - Getting Your Video Created
Once you have understood what needs to be included in each and every one of these videos, we’re not going to assume that you know how to create videos. In this video, you are going to learn some tips and tricks on how to get your videos created either by yourself or by a professional.