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Exposed! Training Secrets That Will Have You Sporting The Body Of Your Dreams In No Time Flat!


  • Book Name: The Kettlebell Advantage - Transform Your Body By Training With Kettlebells
  • Author Name: SelfhelpFitness
  • Product Type: Digital Product
  • Item Publish Date: 2019 / 02 / 02
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Exposed! Training Secrets That Will Have You Sporting The Body Of Your Dreams In No Time Flat!

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body By Training With Kettlebells!
What if I told you that at least 90% of what you have read, watched or heard about fitness today is much more about marketing hype, making sales of gym memberships or pushing near worthless supplements than providing information that can truly help you get fit, healthy and strong?
What if I told you much of the time you have spent in the past sweating on high priced exercise machines or tripping around following over complicated workout routines were pretty close to being a total waste of time?

What if I told there's a much simpler way to get the body of your dreams with just one very simple tool, some smart training, the willingness to work hard and the right attitude?

The Kettlebell Advantage. This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to finally achieve your dream of shedding the tummy fat for good and become the strongest, fittest you.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:
  • Learn How To Transform Your Body With Kettlebell Training
  • Discover The Benefits To Your Body
  • Quickly Get Results By Avoiding These Common Pitfalls
  • Revealed! The All Time Best Kettlebell Movements
  • And Much, Much More...
What you'll learn
  • Use kettlebells safely and effectively for your own training, or that of others
  • Execute the four important movements in kettlebell training: swing, press, clean, and row
  • Understand all kettlebell grips that will bring your training to the next level
  • Learn the important things that are usually overlooked or rushed through
  • See a whole new world, not just black or white, learn that if it's safe, meets goals, it's good
  • You should be cleared to perform physical activity
  • Have at least one kettlebell of any weight
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn kettlebell training the right way
  • Busy office workers that want be able to use a simple tool for effective back pain relief
  • Anyone that wants to take the first step to become a trainer
  • Stay at home moms and dads that want to get fit, tone up, or stronger
  • People that want their mobility back, the freedom to move without aches and pains

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