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  • Book Name: Immune Food Solutions - The Ultimate Immunity Boosting Diet For Health & Longevity
  • Author Name: SelfhelpFitness
  • Product Type: Digital Product
  • Item Publish Date: 2021 / 08 / 13
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Secret Blueprint Reveals The Key To Increase Your Longevity. Discover Research Backed Techniques That Will Give You A Long And Healthy Life.
Is your life constantly interrupted with one ailment after another? You’ve been working out and taking different vitamins but you still don’t feel any better. The answer lies in your weak immune system.

Your immune system helps defend your body against diseases and illnesses. If you have a weak immune system you can easily fall sick. The only solution to get your life back on track and increase your well-being is by strengthening your immune system.

And now, you’re about to discover one of the simplest ways to improve your immunity in the most natural and safest ways possible.

“Immune Food Solutions” is an easy-to-follow plan to help you boost your immunity at light speed. It’s filled to the brim with natural and safe ways for you to strengthen your immunity and defend your body against many different illnesses and diseases.

This is what makes Immune Food Solutions different from many other immune boosting diet plans out there. You’ll be able to boost your immunity without being dependent on questionable supplements and medications that can harm your body.

This research-backed blueprint will teach you everything you need to know to live a long and healthy life -- What foods you need to eat, how your mental health affects your immune system, what to avoid in order to maintain a healthy well-being, and many other health-boosting tips. If you’re tired of falling sick all the time…

Then this is the solution that you’ve been waiting for.

What This Course Covers:
  • How the immune system works and what effects it.
  • How your diet can improve or worsen your immunity.
  • How to introduce Phytochemicals into your diet to improve your immunity.
  • How Antioxidants can boost your immunity and which food can you find them in.
  • How to introduce polysaccharides into your diet to improve your well-being and immunity.
  • The connection between cancer and your immune system, and how plant-based foods can combat cancer.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: What are they? Where to find them? And how can they improve your immunity?
  • How to add prebiotics to your diet? and how can it help improve your gut health and immune system?
  • How to add probiotics to your diet and can it help improve your immunity?
  • Top 10 immunity boosting food you need to add to your daily regime now.
Here's Why You Should Get This Video Course:

Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: The Immunity Problem – An Overview.
Video 3: Nutrition For Your Immune System.
Video 4: Phytochemicals & Immunity.
Video 5: Antioxidants And Immune Health.
Video 6: Polysaccharides – Improving Your Well-Being.
Video 7: Plant Foods And Their Cancer Fighting Properties.
Video 8: Omega 3 Helps To Fight Disease.
Video 9: Prebiotics And Your Immunity.
Video 10: Probiotics And The Gut
Video 11: Top 10 Immunity Boosting Foods To Add To Your Diet
Video 12: Conclusion

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