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Getting an endometriosis diagnosis shouldn’t feel like a life sentence. Because endo is an inflammatory disease, your diet, lifestyle, and treatment choices will impact how your disease behaves, whether through improving your symptoms, reclaiming your fertility or through the stunning possibility of disease remission. Heal Endo puts the power back in your hands to reclaim your life from endometriosis. Based on hundreds of published scientific studies, this handbook clearly lays out the personal actions that can help put you back in control, starting today.

After reading Heal Endo, you will understand:

  • What endometriosis really is, and how it develops.

  • That there are different types of endo that affect our bodies differently.

  • The specific anti-inflammatory food and lifestyle factors proven to help.

  • How bacteria is the secret endo-trigger few people are talking about, and how to address it.

  • The role hormones play, and simple ways to support healthy levels.

  • Which chemicals are associated with endometriosis, and how to avoid them.

  • “Why surgery is an important tool, and why the type of surgery matters greatly.

  • While a “cure” may not (yet) be available, remission is the option you should aim for.


“In this beautifully illustrated book, Katie Edmonds, an endo warrior herself, offers easy-to-follow recommendations for supporting women with endometriosis to reduce the chronic and systemic inflammation that often amplifies endometriosis symptoms. She helpfully explains how endometriosis is a systemic disease and must be approached with integrative and systemic healing strategies. Of course, I am in strong agreement. I especially enjoyed her detailed recommendations on stress buffering and management which is a huge part of living healthfully with endometriosis but is not discussed often enough.” – Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, Founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute and author of Outsmart Endometriosis.

“It is rare to find a single resource that is as comprehensive and user-friendly as this book, especially for such a common, widely misunderstood, and understudied condition as endometriosis. Heal Endo manages to cover what could take months or years in 1-1 work with an empowering root cause approach. This book has the potential to help countless people break the cycle of painkillers and surgery and find lasting relief from endo.” -Ayla Barmmer, MS, Registered Dietitian, Co-Founder of Womens Health Nutrition Academy, CEO FullWell

“It’s about time we approached endometriosis from an inflammatory perspective. The combination of a one, two punch for endometriosis – 1) decrease inflammation and immune upregulation and 2) excision of endometriosis – in combination, are the ideal approach to ‘beat’ and ‘heal’ endo. Kudos to Katie!” – Dr. Iris Kerin Orbuch, Director of the Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center in Los Angeles, Author of Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life From Endometriosis.

“Whether you’re newly diagnosed with endometriosis or have been living with it for years, Heal Endo will deepen your understanding of this disease and clear the confusion. By reframing endometriosis from a “women’s issue” – relegated to the realms of gynecology – to instead a body-wise disease fraught with immune dysregulation, we can change our current mainstream approach to addressing this complex disease.” –Dr. Jolene Brighten, Bestselling author of Beyond the Pill

Katie Edmonds has written a truly comprehensive and compassionate guide to endometriosis. Heal Endo provides readers with a revolutionary approach to understanding and treating this condition. It includes the latest research on how endometriosis develops, effective treatment protocols, and how to live an endo-healing life. This book is definitely one to have on your shelf!” –Nicole Jardim, Certified Women’s Health Coach, Author of Fix Your Period

“What an amazing book!!! This book will be the ‘gold standard’ resource for patients with endometriosis. Outstanding!!! Heal Endo will certainly help save many women with endometriosis unnecessary pain and suffering. It has been an honor to work with you and help with this project.” –Dr. Andrew Cook, Founder and Medical Director of the Vital Health Endometriosis Center


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