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Exposure Therapy for Children and Adolescents: Help Your Child Take Control of their Anxiety Disorders, Phobias, and OCD within 10 Weeks.

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Over 7 million kids in the US suffer from serious anxiety and that figure has doubled since the pandemic. But 90% of kids treated for anxiety using exposure therapy are now experiencing a better quality of life. Could it be the answer for you and your family?

Are you concerned that exposure therapy may be too harsh or cruel?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there, when in fact this therapy approach does not have to be scary or worrying at all.

Knowing what to expect and discussing a treatment plan with a trained and experienced exposure therapist is a great option for an anxious child.

Have you tried what you can to help your child and feel like you might be at your wit’s end?

Sometimes dealing with a child or teen’s fears can be exhausting for the parents too.

Does it worry you that their life will be so limited and restricted if you let their fears continue to control them? What kind of future could your children have when they are so scared of things that aren’t, in reality, that dangerous? What does this mean for the rest of their life?

If these are daily concerns of yours, then exposure therapy may just be the bridge between your anxious, stressed child and their happiness – and this guide will help you cross it.

In this supportive and incredibly useful book, you will discover:

  • Why exposure therapy is nothing to fear or worry about, and how it can be an effective method for dealing with fears, phobias, and even PTSD
  • What to expect in each exposure therapy session, and how to find an exposure therapist who is right for you and your child
  • Some of the common reasons why anxiety therapy does not work, and how to avoid these pitfalls
  • Why children get so afraid of everyday, non-threatening things and situations
  • What fears kids have at different ages and stages
  • Just how serious childhood fears are, and how fear affects the brain, body, and your child’s future – it won’t just “go away” by itself
  • How to know if your child is just normally fearful, or is developing a phobia or anxiety disorder
  • What to do to help and support your child through their fears gently, and in a way that works
  • The top tips to creating a calm family environment
  • Proven alternative options to consider as a support for your mainstream therapy approach
  • How to break the cycle of pain and fear and create ease and flow for your children and your family

And much more.

Most kids do not grow out of anxiety, OCD, phobias, or ongoing childhood fears on their own. Avoiding the issue, shielding them from it, or forcing them into it is also highly inadvisable and can reinforce their fears and retraumatize them.

But there is a way to help them, and yourself, deal with and manage these situations better so that you can all enjoy a better quality of life.

Proven research and cognitive methods (and exposure therapy, in particular) have shown incredibly positive results in treating more serious, ongoing child and teen troubles.

The family life you want can be achieved, with a clear treatment and support plan for a calm, happy kid.

Take your kid from chaos to calm: Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


As an educator of students with learning needs, I found the information in this book almost invaluable. Well-researched but also written in an easy, flowing narrative style, James has really come into her own here. – Rob Lockett, Author of Resurrection


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