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This book comes from my desire to help you become a more successful entrepreneur. I have designed this book to help you learn how to develop your ideas into opportunities. This book is different from other textbooks, in that it will not teach you about entrepreneurship, but instead, you will learn to become an entrepreneur. Therefore, the book is designed as a workbook with concrete activities to help build your entrepreneurial ability. The book is comprised of 14 challenges. Spend 5 hours on each activity and you will develop your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and abilities. My approach for this book is based on the growing academic research that demonstrates the effectiveness of using problem-based learning to help students construct knowledge. In other words, you learn by doing as you attempt to solve real problems. This book is designed to help you and other budding entrepreneurs develop your ideas into opportunities. The focus of this book is the entrepreneurship startup phase. Research indicates that by practicing entrepreneurship, you can learn to become a more effective entrepreneur. What distinguishes this book from other textbooks is that students actually practice being entrepreneurs, rather than learn about entrepreneurship. This book will not teach you about entrepreneurship it will teach you to be an entrepreneur. As such the book is designed as a workbook with activities to learn entrepreneurship, a journal so that you can write and reflect on your entrepreneurial journey, and a textbook to help you determine the concepts of entrepreneurship. The book has 14 challenges. After you complete these challenges, you will have gained the entrepreneurial confidence and ability to make you a more effective entrepreneur. And yes, you can start a business with $1.00. I have facilitated the learning of hundreds of students in this $1.00 journey, and it works.I have been using a problem-based approach for teaching and learning about entrepreneurship for almost 10 years. I have noticed and quantified that students are more entrepreneurial after completing the activities in this book. I looked around for a textbook that actually teaches students how to be entrepreneurs. I could not find one, so I wrote this workbook to you on your entrepreneurial journey. About Me: As a college student, I started my own business, called South of the Border Imports. The front cover is a polaroid of my first craft fair. At 20, I hopped in my car, drove from Canada to Mexico, and bought handicrafts and drove back to Canada. On the way down, I slept in my car and on the way back I slept on top of my car. The photo of the cover is my first craft fair. Reflecting on my experiences, I did not know what I did not know about successfully starting and running a business. I learned by doing. I successfully ran my business for 21 years prior to selling it. My business was successful and well known in the community and nationally. As a result, I was invited to give guest lectures and eventually to teach a course on new venture development. I enjoyed teaching, so after I sold my business I decided to pursue teaching entrepreneurship as a second career. I wanted to be an effective professor, so I returned to continue my studies at the London School of Economics and a doctorate from the University of Manchester in the UK. I continue to focus on improving my ability as a professor to teach nascent entrepreneurs. This book is the result of my professional, academic, and teaching experiences on how to most effectively teach entrepreneurship. My goal for this book is that you learn to become a successful entrepreneur. Essentially, develop the ability to transform your often-vague ideas into entrepreneurial opportunities. I designed the DYME model (Develop Your Model of Entrepreneurship) based on my personal experiences as an entrepreneur, research how to develop entrepreneurial abilities in students, and my experiences.


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